From Queens New York, but raised in Jersey, Quin Bee is a creative enthusiast with a focus in music curation, DJing, design and creative direction. Her primary intention is to help contribute to artistic world building through cohesive combinations of multimedia. Her main method of entry into this space began with her musical influences as a young child searching through her parents cassette and CD collection, actualizing a world where design and music would meet. This initial interest would eventually be reinforced by her work for entities such as LS VAGA, The New Brunswick Center for the Arts, and Vibe Certified. Being an avid music enthusiast throughout her life, Quin spins a fusion of Hip-Hop, R&B, House, Afrobeat, Caribbean and everything in-between. She feels that by unifying different styles and sounds, she must also represent a brand that embraces music so closely, which is why she elected to join as the Lead Creative Director at The Gumbo.